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Advanced E​ye Care​​

Our entire staff at Advanced EyeCare is committed to fitting you with optical lenses that are best fit for your prescription and lifestyle.

Call or feel free to stop in and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to find out more about your options!

Single Vision Lenses vs. Progressive Lenses

Single vision lenses have one consistent focal power to correct a single vision or myopia prescription. Progressive lenses are “multi-focal;” in other words, the progressive corrects more than one vision condition, with its focal power “progressing” from top to bottom - without a visible line separating them. So, even though the two styles of lenses look the same, they correct very different vision conditions. Progressive lenses are generally only required as we reach middle age, to correct the blurry, near vision condition called Presbyopia.

Three main parts to a lens:

Lens Design, Lens Material, and Lens Features

Lens Design
The lens is designed to suit the wearer's prescription needs, whether they are for distance, arm's length or near vision. Design options include single vision, reading, bifocal, trifocal, progressive and computer lenses.

Lens Features
Either one, or both sides of the lens can be treated to extend the longevity of the glasses and improve clarity of vision. Lens treatment options include and are not limited to anti-reflective, scratch resistance and anti-fog benefits.

Lens Material
The look, weight, durability and impact resistance of your lenses will depend on your material choice whether the lens is made from plastic, polycarbonate, high-index plastic or glass.

Lens Technology:
Our office proudly uses Essilor branded products. Essilor is a premeire lens manufactuer  leading in the science of the latest lens technology.

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